Creating a new deal, POST or GET

Resource URL


Name amount - the amount to be credited (before the commission), the commission will be calculated from above;
wallet - USDT (TRC-20) wallet for withdrawal;
order - order id in your system;
respond - address to return the notification;
key - your key






Parameters Response

id - the created payment, save it, you will need it to find out the payment status later, or cancel the payment;
wallet - issue this card to the client for payment;
amount - the amount with our commission, notify the client that for a quick payment he must pay this amount (this or more, it is advisable to pay exactly), so the payment will be processed automatically.
time_unix - time in UNIX format until which the ticket is considered active, after the time is up it will be marked as "time_out" 

Resource Information

Rate Limited False
Response Format JSON
Authentication None